Is this application written in php or not?

Some sites use mod-rewrite or change .php extensions to .html extensions with .htaccess to hide the information that the application is written with php.

But it’s really easy to find out if it’s written with php, because there is an Easter egg in php. If you send a special string to any php site, the browser generates a php logo or a dog as image.


php easteregg

example site:

4 comments so far

  1. Slavi on

    …. That’s true unless you do change it before session_start call:

    string session_name ([ string $name ] )

  2. Todor on

    It is really works. Are there more Easter eggs?

  3. Slavi on

    It should be working.
    You can try it with a example from

  4. Lagripe-Dz on

    lolz it’s realy good thnks ;)

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